​Patent Searching​.

Using the best data sources and strategies available, our patent​ search specialists will work alongside your engineers, scientists, legal, and executive teams to uncover deeply comprehensive search results, delivered on time, and uniquely tailored to your needs and budget. With Aurora Consulting, you will have an embedded, business-savvy, U.S.-based patent search expert, while avoiding the cost and hassle of a full-time employee, as well as the risks that can come​ with traditional offshore outsourcing.

We are high-touch strategic patent search experts, and we excel in assisting you with due diligence search efforts in order to make confident and strategic patent portfolio decisions in a highly cost-effective manner. Our search team is composed of professionals with PhDs, Master’s Degrees, and veteran researchers with extensive technical knowledge, subject matter expertise, and years of experience searching numerous databases to find related patent and non-patent literature prior art. We take great pride in our ​bar-setting standards of meticulousness, quality, accountability, and confidentiality.

We understand the importance of thorough, in-depth patent research and we’re able to expertly calibrate that against your unique patent portfolio needs, based on your technology, competitive landscape, position along the financing timeline, and exit strategy. We offer several levels of services that cover both US and foreign patents, from one-time static data reports to guided analysis all the way to continuous monitoring.